Shopping, ahmedabad

Ahmedabad shopping is a wonderful experience as you stroll through the markets with colorful fabrics, jewelery, hand made pieces, wooden furnitures, potteries and so on. Ahmedabad is a major administrative and business area of Gujarat. oreover you can search for the famous Kutch fabrics and silver jewels here. Another well known local handicraft is the excellent terracotta toys. Wall hangings made out of mud with mirror works on it can add that ethnic flavor to your drawing room.

The Handicrafts Bazaar
Ahmedabad Hotels- Ahmedabad Shopping, Handicraft/Handloom in AhmedabadAhmedabad is also known for dhurries, carpets, blankets and rugs woven on primitive pit looms in the villages of Bhuj and Saurashtra. Colorful quilts, woven traditionally on pit looms or shuttle looms, are also a great pick in the city. Another handicraft thatís a must buy are wall hangings and borders with rogan printing - a process in which thick bright paste is used to decorate cloth.

Home Grown Art
Matajini Pachedi is an art form that is typical of Ahmedabad through which mythological stories are depicted..